Immaculate Conception icon received by Council 12158

Saint Patrick’s Basilica council 12158, Ottawa, were honoured to receive a Pilgrim Immaculate Conception Icon that travelled throughout Ontario in 2014. The beautiful reproduction is a gift from the Knights of Columbus Ontario State office. State Program Director Bill Country and Ottawa District 1 DD Denis Belanger were on hand to make the presentation to the Basilica’s Rector Fr. Bosco Wong and Council 12158 GK Brendan Hennigan and the council members.

The original painting is housed in the Cathedral Basilica Notre-Dame de Quebec, Quebec City. The 40 X 27 inch icon of Mary as the Immaculate Conception was painted by Sister Mary of the Eucharist, of the Quebec based Sisters of Charity, in 1925. The original 18th century painting was destroyed by fire in 1922.
Council 12158 was presented with the icon at their March general meeting. The icon will be hung near the Basilica’s Venerable Michael J. McGiveny Honoris and Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. A dedication and blessing will be conducted by Fr. Bosco Wong, Rector of Saint Patrick’s Basilica, at the 28th March Archdiocese Knights of Columbus meeting.

Council 12158 GK Brendan Hennigan said “It is an honour for our council to have the gift of the icon and it is hoped that all knights, their families and parishioners will take the opportunity to reflect on the mystery of the Immaculate Conception and God’s love for us all. It is appropriate that the Immaculate Conception icon is located near the Venerable Michael J. McGivney Honoris where many reflect and pray.” A dedication plaque will be mounted near the icon with the history of the icon. Knights of Columbus Immaculate Conception Marian prayer books will be available for private and group devotions.