Armour of God – Catholics in a Media Hurricane

October 30, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
St. Patrick's Basilica
281 Nepean St


Catholics in a Media Hurricane!
St. Patrick Basilica Scavi, 220 Kent Street, Ottawa

10/30/19 7:00pm

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Put on the Armour of God
Wed. October 30, 7:00pm St. Patrick Basilica Scavi

“ Catholics in a Media Hurricane!”

Understanding and rooting through propaganda and fake news
Does the assault of secular values on Christ’s teachings sell newspapers?
Desperation and decline: media readership, listenership, viewing and profitability.
Speak up, like never before – using new media to give a voice to the truth.
Keep informed or hide in ignorance: follow many media; believe few.

Our Speaker:
Steven Winogron (Broadcaster; Journalism Professor)

The Armour of God series:
We seem to live in an age of never-ending violent news stories that challenge our Catholic faith. We also encounter political polarization, not moral leadership.
Have you ever wondered how our faith should affect current events?
Come out to hear how our Catholic faith guides us to meet these challenges.
Discuss what thoughtful writers, saints, popes, philosophers, theologians,
political leaders, and others have to say about living out our Catholic faith.

WEBSITE: Paul’s letters, Beatitudes, Bishop Barron, Confession, and much more.

Oct.31“Why the West is Such a Mess!” by Richard Bastien
Nov.28 “The Consistent Life Ethic” by Taylor Hyatt
Jan.30“Can Catholic Values and Canadian Politics Mix?” by Garnett Genuis,
Feb.27“Education: Catholic Problem? Catholic Solution” by T.J. Stevens, Head
Mar.27 “Battle with the Devil – Arm Yourself !” by Msgr. KevinBeach
Apr.24 “Poverty Calls for Your Mercy” by Jean-Serge Quesnel
May 29 “Spiritual Health and Mental Health” by Tim Lau, Psychiatrist
Sept 25 Does Science Oppose Faith? by Gary Knight, PhD Biophysics
COMING:Oct 30 “Catholics in a Media Hurricane!” by Steve Winogron, Broadcaster

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Oct 31: “Why is the West in Such a Mess?”

Nov 28: “The Consistent Life Ethic”

Jan 30: “Can Catholic Values and Canadian Politics Mix?”

Feb 27: “Education: Catholic Problem? Catholic Solution.”

Mar 27: “Battle with the Devil – Arm Yourself !”

April 24: “Poverty Calls for Your Mercy”

May 29“Spiritual Health and Mental Armour”

Sept 25: “Does Science Oppose Faith?”

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Discussion at: St. Patrick Basilica Scavi 7:00pm 220 Kent St., Ottawa
Last Wednesday of Month: (Summer break, Sept 25, Oct 30, Nov 27,
2020: Jan 29, Feb 26, Mar 25, Apr 29, May 27)
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