Armour of God issue of God Today

February 26, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
St. Patrick's Basilica
281 Nepean St

Armour of God Series Wed. September 25, 7:00pm St. Patrick Basilica Scavi
Put on the Armour of God

“ Does Science Oppose Faith?
(Or Faith Oppose Science? ”

Why are people ready to believe in science and not in God?
Does the logic of ‘evidence’ apply in both faith and science?
Do scientific methods exclude faith perspectives?
Seeking the fingerprint of God in fundamental sciences, including modern cosmology.

Our Speaker: Gary D. Knight, PhD (Biophysics; Physics)

The Armour of God series:
We seem to live in an age of never-ending violent news stories that challenge our Catholic faith. We also encounter political polarization, not moral leadership.
Have you ever wondered how our faith should affect current events?
Come out to hear how our Catholic faith guides us to meet these challenges.
Discuss what thoughtful writers, saints, popes, philosophers, theologians,
political leaders, and others have to say about living out our Catholic faith.